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Are you a local, state or national organization and want to partner with us on the work we are doing in Alamance County? Are you a local business that believes in the work that we are doing to create an innovative and collaborative community? Contact us! We’d love to talk with you!

Community Innovation Fund
Through a partnership with Impact Alamance, CoOperative was made the host of the Community Innovation Fund. This fund is made up of $100,000 that has to be spent down by summer of 2018. The fund is designed to act as a catalyst for creative projects and community development efforts within Alamance County. The goal for the fund is to identify, develop and support community-led initiatives which further our vision of thriving, dynamic community that values and invests in its people and places by supporting creativity, innovation and access to opportunity. Do you have an idea that needs seed funding? Do you want to partner with us to foster a project through additional funding? Contact us!


Awesome Fund
Did you know Alamance County has it's own chapter of The Awesome Foundation? It’s a global community that advances the interest of awesome in the universe (and right down the street), $1,000 at a time. We’ve distributed grants to projects and their creators right here in Alamance County and are always seeking the next awesome idea. Awesome projects have included a forty person hammock in a city park in Boston, a mobile bike shop in Baltimore, a social entrepreneurship program for middle schoolers in Philadelphia, and so much more. 

Do you have $100? Do you want to be apart of making this happen in Alamance County?
Contact us! The Awesome Fund is successful because of your investment. 

Engage Alamance
Engage Alamance is an event series focused around bringing awareness and momentum and action around some key ideas and initiatives in Alamance County. We are currently planning our April 2018 spring event. Stay tuned for updates and details, but in the meantime, check out our past three events!

Winter 2017: Engage Alamance I

Spring 2017: Engage Alamance II                            

Fall 2017: Engage Alamance III

Spring 2018: Spring Summit coming soon!


We have several sponsorship opportunities- from event sponsorship to program to putting your name on upgraded facilities and tech in our coworking space. Contact us for more information if you are looking to partner with us!