Co|Operative is an entrepreneurial, purpose-driven organization. We work to create real-world results by building strong ecosystems, advancing action-based initiatives, and unlocking the value of human and financial capital in our community.


A Word from Our Founder:


"The simple truth is that starting is the first step. Start now. Start next week. Start next year. The only real difference between each of those is how many days are going to elapse in between, and what else might change between now and then. 

Strategy is useful. But it's also only good at the moment it was created. Ultimately it's forward momentum that wins the day.

Alamance County as a whole has opportunities, and it has risks. It lags the state and its neighbors in a lot of very real, very important metrics. It suffers from a lack of place attachment for a lot of its members; a common problem for what many would call a "bedroom" community.

It also has a vibrant agricultural economy, sits equidistant between the second and third largest population centers in the state, and has a history of entrepreneurial innovation. It has numerous place based assets ready for repurposing to a new era. And it has 165,000 different people sleeping here each night with their own passions, their own creativity, and their own dreams.

We don't have an opportunity problem. We have an action problem. Join us in being part of the solution."

- Jason Cox, Co|Operative Founder