Welcome, entrepreneur!

CoOperative works hard to support and engage our local entrepreneurs! We see entrepreneurs as the backbone of wealth building and economic development in our area. CoOperative’s intent is to best support the economic gardening currently taking place in Alamance County. A few of our ongoing programs are listed below. 


THRIVE is a peer-to-peer mentoring group for female business owners. The group meets monthly to serve as a support and sounding board for each others businesses. If you are interested in joining THRIVE, click here! Have questions about THRIVE? Email Chelsea at chelsea@thecooperative.co


Floating Board
We have found that the hardest part about starting a businesses in Alamance County for some people is the lack of social capital, mentorship, and resource sharing... Thus, the floating board was born. This program serves early stage startups and businesses undergoing critical transition. The goal of this program is to provide pivotal guidance from a handpicked board. This board is curated by CoOperative based on the founders specific pain points. The board is usually made up from 2-4 individuals at a time, with board members ‘floating’ off once the founder has gleaned the information needed from that professional. Are you a start up needing social capital, mentorship and resource sharing? Want to learn more about the program? Email Chelsea at chelsea@thecooperative.co.

Community Innovation Fund
Through a partnership with Impact Alamance, CoOperative was made the host of the Community Innovation Fund. This fund is made up of $100,000 that must be spent down by the summer of 2018. The fund is designed to act as a catalyst for creative projects and community development efforts within Alamance County. The goal for the fund is to identify, develop and support community-led initiatives which further our vision of thriving, dynamic community that values and invests in its people and places by supporting creativity, innovation and access to opportunity. Do you have an idea that needs seed funding? Click here to learn more and to fill out an application!

Engage Alamance
Engage Alamance is an event series focused around bringing awareness and momentum and action around some key ideas and initiatives in Alamance County. We are currently planning our April 2018 spring event. Stay tuned for updates and details, but in the meantime- check out our past three events!

Winter 2017: Engage Alamance I


Spring 2017: Engage Alamance II                            

Fall 2017: Engage Alamance III

Spring 2018: Spring Summit coming soon!

We would love to hear from you on any needs you may have as you journey down the road of starting a business in Alamance County. Are you new to the area? Want to talk through some ideas or have some people you want to connect with. Shoot us a message! We’d love to meet with you!