what makes a Co|operative member

The Co | Operative is a curated community of the inventive and innovative.  It's not an office, because everyone here wants to be here; working alongside others who share a motivation and a passion - to create, to cause change, or to test ideas and expectations.

Our goal is to create the right community to benefit our members.  Co | Operative builds the spaces - The members make them. (we offer coffee and other stuff too)

The Co|OPERAtive is perfect for: (this is not a full list folks...just giving you examples here)

entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small teams.  photographers, makers, writers, and designers.  web developers, product designers, branding and marketing gurus.  typography geeks, change makers, problem solvers and questioners accepted too.  

Creative in our world means problem solvers, thinkers, doers.  People who are passionate and dedicated to whatever their craft is.