How Your Story Can Change Your Career

The Story of Your Success: 

How Your Story Can Change Your Career

Is your brand telling the story you want it to? If you work for someone else, how do you brand yourself when you can't change the company's logo? Whether you're an entrepreneur or a career professional, are you presenting a story about yourself that's really you or a story you think other people want to hear?

Join Annie Franceschi, a personal and professional branding expert, for a fun and motivational talk on how you can change your career just through your own story and experiences. From her time in LA's film industry, Annie will give you her favorite tips on how to turn who you are into your biggest professional asset. Whether you're looking to better serve your clients, attract new ones, or move on to a new chapter, get ready to discover how your story is your greatest untapped key to success.



Annie Franceschi is a professional speaker and the owner and creative director of Greatest Story Creative, a Durham-based branding agency that tells your story in both your business and your life. In the business world, Annie works with small business owners, career professionals, and new entrepreneurs to make all of the creative you need to start the next chapter of your professional life. Learn more at