Community engagement, building a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem, and community revitalization are all interconnected pieces of the same landscape. Yet most efforts focus on just one piece of the bigger puzzle.  

We work to create a greater collective impact by bridging the gaps between these pieces, crafting a combined approach that blends entrepreneurship, community development, and the focused investment of social and financial capital.


Mission Driven

We are a mission-driven, not organization-driven. We work to build strong networks and advance strategies based on mission impact over organizational growth.

Entrepreneurial DNA

We take risks and try new approaches. We seek to move fast and be adaptable, finding and refining what works.


We strive to build trust-based relationships that move projects forward. By developing strong partnerships that based on respective strengths, we leverage a greater collective impact.

Open Source

As the best ideas find results, we work to make sure that they can be spun off or replicated, accelerating their impact and unlocking their potential as stand-alone initiatives.