Co|Operative #001: The Idea Behind It

The idea for Co|Operative started with How.


How do we create the right environment for someone to make the leap from wanting to doing?

How can we create a community of people who think in terms of what if and how to?

How can we help someone take their passion and turn it into their business?


Then we added a dose of what we believe.


We believe that there is opportunity, right here and now, to help people who want to create or build local businesses.  That out there, right now, are people who have the ability to create something great, and people who haven’t met yet that could be future partners in doing something amazing.


This is what we came up with as a start.  (We’re hoping you have even more ideas, because we’re all about ideas):


Create a space for people who share this vision and desire. (Check).

Provide the tools for people to take things from the plan to the action. (We're working on it).

Give access to resources to help increase their chances for success. (You might be one of those).

Provide events where these future creators can meet each other and work together. (Social isn’t always media).


desk and office space in the new coworking space coming to Graham, North Carolina. Photography by Silver Feather Studios.

That’s what we are going to do.  It will start small, and it will grow right alongside those who join us.  (Maybe that’s you).

We've got so much more to come... 

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