Co|Operative #004: We're Hungry

(I'm seriously starving right now so I apologize in advance for all the food talk)

Lately a lot of what we're sending out into the ether is about coworking, creating a space to work, and so on. But the truth is, we're hungry. Hungry for a little bit more than that. That's why you see that little “+ incubator” part in our logo.

What we're hungry for is something new. Something we don't have locally but that the people WANT.

You see, it's a pretty simple equation.

(good ideas + serious planning)


razor-sharp execution + relentless passion


successful businesses

We've done that math, it works.

So what we want to know now is….what are you hungry for, or better yet, what are you serving?


Maybe it's a new restaurant that serves something different than the norm, using local suppliers to help new artisan businesses. (Meet at Saxapahaw later, anyone?)

Maybe it's someone who bakes killer carbs and wants to turn that into a bakery. (Pass the gluten free to my friend, I'll take the real stuff) 

Maybe it's a locally made cheese that someone makes and hangs over their kitchen sink to drain (no judgement here) and wants to turn it into an actual business the USDA won't shut down.  


Or maybe it's not food related at all. (I probably shouldn’t write before lunch…)


Do you have an  eye for what is going to be popular in boutiques 3 months from now. Think you could convince the hipsters from Raleigh to drive over just to shop at your "quaint little shop"?


Whatever your want or whatever your idea is - whether it's in the physical or digital world, business to business or customer facing, food truck or restaurant (seriously people, bring it), we want to know about it.

Bonus round - we've got one of our own! 

We need a serious barista who wants to work with us on opening a new coffeehouse. Seriously. No kidding.

If you’re genuinely interested, enter your email address in the form below so we can get in touch with you!



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