Co|Operative #002: We’re All About HOW

If you’re ever tried to start, or currently are trying to start a business, you’ve probably found yourself asking a lot of questions that start with HOW.


How do I turn this really great idea into a business?

How do I find the right people to guide me as I start out or grow?

How do I even get started?


Well, Co|Operative is all about the how.

How to create a space that helps people go from the idea to the plan.  Then, how to provide the resources and guides needed to take that plan into action.


We all have the ability to create something great. What we don’t have is the ability to do everything perfectly, at least not entirely on our own.


But what if you could turn to your left and offer your skills to someone in exchange for their skills (say, your brilliant bookkeeping skills for their awesome marketing prowess)? What if you could get advice from a person across the room, instead of spending hours online reading articles that all say something different?

Alamance County Incubator & Co-Working Space for Entrepreneurs | The CoOperative

What if there was a safe haven for skill building, advice sharing, and nurturing business plans into actual businesses?


A space for people who share the same visions and goals.

Available tools for people to take things from plan to action.

Accessible resources that increase your chances of success.

And a space to collaborate, learn, and share with each other.


That’s the vision of Co|Operative.


A space and an idea that will grow with those who join us, bringing their own skills and vision.  


We’re hoping that you might be one of those people. If so, fill out the form below so you can stay updated on all of Co|Operative’s changes. Our doors will be opening soon, and we’d like to see you here.

Stay tuned, awesome is coming.

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