we're like your helpful friend, tough uncle, & loud-mouth cousin, all ROLLED in one.

An entrepreneur-led organization that's here to support, connect & educate.

(we've been known to throw a fun party now and then too)


Opportunity starts with connections

- find a community

- access resources

- give (& get) support


Where tangible meets real-life

SHARED work-space

Where it started, the Co|Op mothership - a 8,600 sq ft coffee-fueled space that provides shared and private work spaces, conference rooms, and event space for our members and the community.

Coming Spring 2017 - A second campus adding an additional 5500 sq ft with some fun additions.



No man (or woman) is an island, but entrepreneurship can feel pretty lonely sometimes. That's why having a trusted support network who understand the ups and downs of the journey is an important part of our focus.



Starting and running a company requires constant learning. We provide ongoing education and industry insights through workshops, speaker series, and other programming. All with an emphasis on the real-world, apply-it-now things you need to know.

Check our event calendar to see whats coming up.


One of the biggest obstacles to success is not knowing what you don't know.  That's why we work to provide access to advisors and mentors, as well as open office hours from market experts.