Involving mutual assistance in working toward a common goal.
synonyms: collaborative, collective, shared, mutual, united.
— cooperative definition

coworking + collaboration

We believe in experimentation.  In ideas that are a little too big.  In the power of a person with a single minded goal.  So we created a place to collaborate, to inspire and be inspired, and to meet new people who share a drive to create and change.  


Besides being a place for coworking, we are a hub for the community. We play host for events such as informal meetups, community meetings, mixers, launch parties, and other professional development events.  

the incubator

We work with local universities, entrepreneurship programs, business leaders, and the community at large to find people with big ideas, who are serious about execution, and have the will to make them happen.  We then work with them to develop those ideas alongside mentors and industry experts. That's the short version.  For more details, Contact Us or Schedule a Tour.

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